Community Living London

My name is Liza. I am an Indian who is a Nurse back home and did my Developmental Services Worker course in Canada. I decided to take this course for a particular reason as in my hometown I know couple of young people who are having developmental disabilities living their life without proper care or community support. So I did my 2 year Developmental Services Worker course and after my 1st semester, I got the job as a Developmental Support Worker in Community Living London. From this organization, I have gained many practical experiences in dealing with people who have disabilities and impacted a lot in my life. I realized that the people in my hometown could get more care and community support. The main aim of this organization is to make everyone feel that they are special. Community Living London is providing care to the individuals with equality which impacted me a lot and making each individual in the organization feel that they are getting each and every opportunity which others in the community are getting. The amazing thing the organization does is making sure everyone gets the opportunity to explore the world like others. I decided to make some arrangements for the people in my hometown with proper care, community services and explore the world as others. I have learned many things in my 2 years of working with Community Living London.

I am very proud to be a part of a non-profit organization which impacted my life and is making everyone’s life better and making them feel proud of themselves.

Through this organization, I got a chance to be the sunshine in some of the people’s and families’ lives.

There are many families in Canada itself whom I could help by guiding them to Community Living London to avail all the care and opportunities they are providing to the individuals.

I know it is definite that Community Living London would have changed many individuals’ lives and their families from darkness to brightness.

Thank you so much.

- Liza

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