Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

My name is Berhane, and I am physically disabled. I came to Canada on June 27, 2017. When I arrived in Ottawa, I received a lot of support from Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCI Ontario). They first helped me to get a secondhand power wheelchair until I waited for my government approved wheelchair to come. Once I had a wheelchair, I was able to start school to improve my English language. I am currently pursuing my studies in the adult high school.

SCI Ontario also put me in contact with different organizations like VHA Home HealthCare, where I could get some home support services. Furthermore, they helped me to get more adaptations done to my apartment unit to facilitate my daily tasks such as, a shower chair that permits me to take my shower without assistance, and a remote control door opener that gives me easy access in and out of my home. Since I arrived in Ottawa; my independence and quality of life have drastically improved, and I believe that it is in a big way, thanks to SCI Ontario and their openness, empathy and inclusion. That is why I would like SCI Ontario to be considered for the Lerners LLP grant; so they can continue to provide a much-needed quality service.


- Berhane

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