London Youth Symphony Orchestra

The London Youth Symphony Orchestra (LYS) is a phenomenal organization and not just because of its musical abilities but also its inclusivity. They welcome anyone with open arms and have extended this to me and my service dog, Grainger. No fuss was made, no questions were asked, Grainger and I were welcomed in and immediately were made an important orchestra member. As someone who has struggled with anxiety over the years the orchestra has immensely helped build my confidence. I started off as a scared second oboist but now I am principal oboe and am playing a solo quartet with my friends. This was all possible because the members of LYS are friendly, kind, and they genuinely care about each other’s well- being. LYS is a place where disabilities, gender, or race do not matter, when we play all of that is forgotten. Music brings people together and this is what makes the orchestra so special.

- Lara