London Health Sciences Centre, University Hospital

In 2015, I almost lost my life to multiple organ failure. Thanks to the incredible doctors and nurses in the ICU at University Hospital (London Health Sciences Centre), I survived.

For years, I had experienced incredible fatigue which I put down to my life as a teacher, church organist and mother. In 2012, I started to experience symptoms which I thought might be my gallbladder. After visits to several doctors, I finally found the answer. Through bloodwork in 2014, I was diagnosed with Hepatitis C which I had picked up in a blood transfusion in 1977. Because I had Hepatitis C for so long without being diagnosed, my liver had been severely damaged.

Fortunately, I was sent to a doctor who obtained a new drug, Harvoni for me, which did get rid of the Hepatitis C.

Two weeks prior to completing the Harvoni, I began to have a great deal of difficulty breathing. I ended up in the ICU at University Hospital in multiple organ failure. I spent weeks in the ICU gravely ill. No one thought I was going to survive. Despite all odds, they kept working on me.

On August 19th, I received the precious gift of life. I am so indebted to the donor and donor family who allowed me to have this new liver as well as the incredible transplant surgeons who performed the surgery.

My recovery was long and arduous but I am so grateful for the wonderful care I received from the doctors and nurses.

Without University Hospital and the care I received, I would not be here today. When I was in the ICU, the doctors did not expect me to survive.

When I received the news that there was a liver for me, I had been in the ICU for 75 days and I still faced another three months of recovery and physio. It was an incredible feeling to know that I would have another chance at life.

I am so incredibly grateful to London Health Sciences Centre, They do incredible work. There is no adequate way to tell them how much their care and support means to me, my husband, my children and grandchildren. It would be so wonderful if they could be a recipient of a donation through your charitable giving. They deserve thanks for the many ways in which they save lives. Mine is but one story. My story is much longer and more difficult than anyone can ever imagine. This is but a small part.


- Brenda

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