I first experienced Life*Spin’s work as I approached Jacqueline the Executive Director to help with a friend of the family who was cut off from social assistance through no fault of her own. As an immigrant woman in poverty with deficient language skills who suffered from a moderate brain injury suffered in a motor vehicle accident, this presented many communication challenges. Life*Spin was able to help by filing a Social Benefits Tribunal appeal which resulted in an almost immediate restoration of benefits. Subsequently Life*Spin successfully challenged the Ministry of Community and Social Services who had clawed back excessive funds from an insurance benefit.

The following year I had the opportunity of serving on their Board of Directors (2009-2013) and I was able to witness the tremendous value added they provide to low income families in London. The services are provided by a very cost conscious and dedicated staff whose sole motivation is to lift people out of poverty and give their clients hope and dignity. Jacqueline and this organization are a vital cog in this community and with more resources would definitely be able to contribute even more compassionate assistance which is so desperately needed.

- Ron

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