East Village Animal Hospital

In my experience, this group provides more than medical care. Their compassion for both animals and the humans was more than I have ever seen in this setting. Recently I went with my disabled neighbour, who sadly had to put her beloved cat, Lucy, to sleep. In this most heart breaking situation, the staff comforted my friend and Lucy. They even checked on me. They did the euthanasia at a speed my friend was comfortable with, not just a rush in and out all clinical way. When it was done they allowed my friend to continue holding Lucy until she could part with her. The vet then gently took Lucy from her and held her wrapped in a blanket like a baby. They took a paw print of Lucy and put it on a condolence card they mailed to my friend.

In my opinion, this is an area of life and community that is often forgotten. This clinic was respectful and caring to every client I saw them interact with, regardless of financial status, appearance or situation.

They have my total respect for displaying, living and acting in pure kindness which is rare to find these days.

By giving them a donation, you are giving to the forgotten part of our community.

- Rhonda

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