Aeolian Hall - El Sistema Program

I moved back to London in October 2014 after 40 years in Victoria BC. I learned about the Aeolian from a relative. I met Clark at an event and told him I was interested in volunteering. He suggested the El Sistema Program would be a good fit for me. At that time they were in Lorne Ave School just a short walk from my home. I found the hours were in my down time of the day and the longer walk to their new home in Bishop Cronyn Memorial Church was too much for me at that time of day.

I think that Clark, with volunteers started a wonderful free program for children. I try to attend their concerts to this day. They have grown tremendously in numbers and types of instruments they play. I can't think of a more deserving charity to give money to. This program changes lives for the better in many ways.

Each concert is a surprise. Children that you didn't expect to see being the leaders are at the microphone, speaking to the audience, leading groups of musicians. This type of program changes lives and teaches leadership and public speaking skills as well as learning to play different instruments. These children are our future leaders.

- Ruth

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