Forest City Film Festival

As a longtime resident of London, Ontario, I have participated in past film festivals held locally, and have been an award winner for the 2010, 2011 & 2012 Short film showcase as well as the 2011 and 2012 London Fringe 62 Hour Film competition. I was disheartened when both of these festivals discontinued operations after 2012, leaving our city without an outlet for local filmmakers to display their work for almost five years.

I was pleased to learn in 2016 that the Forest City Film Festival decided to take the film mantle and run with it to celebrate our talented and diverse arts community. I happily attended the inaugural festival last year and was impressed with the caliber of panelists, films and overall prestige the festival was able to achieve in its first year. In 2017, I was a filmmaker in competition as a Producer/Director of Photography of the film GLASS, one of the featured films in competition during the 2017 Forest City Film Festival.

GLASS was the result of a 5-year journey in filmmaking consisting of a cast and crew entirely based in the London area. As we planned our festival submission run, we wanted to make sure that the Forest City Film Festival was the very first festival that we submitted our work to. It was very important to us as a team from London that we took our very first step out into the festival world in our own backyard. Our film went on to win awards in Los Angeles, Sydney Australia, and Best narrative feature in Reading Film Festival.

Being able to have our film screened locally for friends and family was such a valuable experience for all of us involved. As indie filmmakers it’s a rare occurrence to be able to see your film projected in a theatre, but more rare to share that experience with the friends and family who have supported the journey along the way. This is the most valuable experience any film festival can provide for local talent. It’s so incredibly rare to see independent film celebrated when it’s competing for screen time with superheroes and movie stars.

- Edward

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