Fanshawe Chorus London

I would like to bring to your attention a great London not-for-profit organization, Fanshawe Chorus London (official registered name, London Fanshawe Symphonic Chorus, registration number: 119023786RR0001)

I immigrated to Canada in fall 2016, following my husband who was appointed at Western. I did not know anybody in London, nor did I have the opportunity to work in my prior field (OR-nursing). It is a very lonely situation to sit alone at home all day in a town and country I did not know, and with at the time, limited English proficiency. So I tried to find a choir, as music for me was universal, and a good way to get in contact with other people.

Fanshawe Chorus London welcomed me with open arms. It was 2 weeks before the first season concert, and each and every member of the choir made me feel welcome and helped me to be able to join on stage, two weeks later, for the first performance of the season. The director and general manager helped me with music and how to sign up, to get my uniform, to find my way through town to the rehearsal, dress rehearsals and concert.

Every time I needed help, even with language, or how to do things, where to apply for this and that, someone in the choir would try to help. I received free English lessons to prepare for an English proficiency test, advice where to find products from home for Christmas, so my family did not feel too deracinated. And suddenly I had many acquaintances and with time new friends, and definitely felt less lonely. I had the chance to sing Christmas songs with this wonderful choir, some of which I would have sung back home with my parents and siblings, it was really great and made relocation easier.

Since then, I have been singing with Fanshawe Chorus London, who is doing its best to bring quality choral music to the London community, and give all choristers an amazing musical education. But this is not all, partnering with children choirs each year allows children to get to perform on a big stage and sometimes with professional musicians and soloist. Even an 11 year old young singing talent got the opportunity to have his first solo appearance.

Music students from Western are performing with the choir, as soloists or as part of the professional orchestra, which gives a professional musician a little job opportunity as well as students working to become professional musicians.

Here an extract of a concert with 2 students as soloists (paid), some students are in the orchestra, it is the full premiere of a contemporary London composer, Jeff Smallman's Requiem.

Every year, one performance is with another London choir as guest choir, which is a great collaboration with different music groups in town, whose love for great music unites.

Supporting children and students is amazing. They are the future for our society, and cultivating a common love and universal language for music definitely makes us a better society, that I am convinced of.

I very much hope you will consider supporting Fanshawe Chorus London with your charitable giveaway. It is a truly wonderful not-for-profit organization.

Thank you for your consideration
- Anne-Elisabeth

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