London Down Syndrome Association

My son James likes to go to the London Down Syndrome Association (LDSA) cooking class where he meets friends, has fun, learns cooking skills and has a full dinner which he enjoys very much,

He has attended an LDSA talk back class for a couple of years now and his speech has improved. Now he can more or less speak in a short sentence. This class is very helpful to him. I am very happy and very appreciative. I hope LDSA continues to have funding for it.

My son also went to LDSA Christmas party, Summer BBQ and will join Camp 21 etc.

Overall the LDSA has been very good to us and provides all LDSA families with excellent programmes and activities, and keeps us up to date with information.

We thank you and very much appreciate having LDSA behind us with their support. We hope the association will continue to have enough funding to run all its programmes.

- James

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