Humane Society London & Middlesex

Our partnership with Humane Society London & Middlesex began in 2017 and it truly opened our eyes to the necessity for an organization of this kind in our community. Over the last 120 years, the Human Society London & Middlesex (HSLM) has worked tirelessly to improve the lives of animals in London and Middlesex through advocacy, education, and by assisting animals in distress.

In addition to community outreach, HSLM provides temporary shelter and finds new, welcoming homes for unwanted or cruelly treated animals. The staff and volunteers at HSLM work relentlessly and compassionately. Their commitment over the years is unmatched by any other animal services organization in our community.

Each year, HSLM provides shelter and medical care to over 2,000 animals and responds to over 1,000 reports of animal cruelty. Although the need for this organization is evident and dire, HSLM receives no direct government support at any level and relies solely on donations and fundraising efforts from supporters and community members. As a not-for-profit organization, HSLM invests all funds back into the animals it serves as well as our community.

HSLM’s mission is to lead London and Middlesex in building a humane and compassionate community for all animals. We are proud to work with such an indispensable organization in our community - HSLM is more than deserving of financial support from Lerners.

- Northern Commerce

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