Community Living London

My name is Richard. I’m a Branch Manager at WFS Ltd, here in London, and in 2011 we decided that we would take a chance on hiring a young man by the name of David. We had done a similar hire in Windsor years ago, and felt it would be a good thing to do in our community. Little did we know at that time, it would become much more than we ever expected.

David was hired to do general cleaning throughout our warehouse. He worked 27 hours a week, and at first, everything was as expected. David was very reliable and courteous, and seemed to enjoy the environment that was provided here. At first, we were a little protective of David, and treated him with kid gloves on, partly because this was new to us as well, even though it was really unnecessary. It did not take long for David to really make an impact on our team, but on himself as well. As David’s comfort level increased, so did the rest of the teams. All David wanted it seemed was to be treated the same as everyone else, something so simple, yet in many instances in our community, such a daunting task. As time went on, David just became one of the guys. His knowledge of sports was impressive, and he loved to debate at length about football and hockey. David’s biggest challenge was to become selfsufficient, and just a few years after starting here, David was moving out of his parents’ home, and starting his new independent lifestyle. I was so proud of him, but reflecting back on his journey, he was the one that made the friends, he was the one that was hosting the wrestling viewing parties; he was the one soliciting us to do whatever we could, whenever we could, to support Community Living London. It was all his doing, all we did was give him the chance he needed to thrive in a society that should have no problem looking past the needs we think he/she needs, but open our eyes and embrace the people they so want to be, and that is to be accepted and valued. It’s been a wonderful ride for us. David brings a smile to everyone’s face here when he walks through the door. He has made a difference here at WFS. There are a lot more David’s out there that can do the same.

I have met a lot of great friends at Community Living London. Their passion for the work they do, and the individuals that they assist, is second to none.

- Richard

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