Safespace London

SafeSpace London has taught me many things. The importance of being a community, the importance of working on a close team, the importance of a sisterhood like no other.

SafeSpace has allowed me to learn many skills that I otherwise would have not been trusted to do as a regular volunteer. Things such as media, creative fundraisers, build my advocacy skills and thrive in a family. It has taught me about laws, politics, and offered me space to gain and use the skills I have.

The trust within this chosen family is imperative and without this space I would have not even been close to where I am now.

I have pursued the creation of an outreach group in my home town, exercised my advocacy skills, and used my voice to gain a paradigm shift in that town all thanks to SafeSpace London.

I firmly believe, that a grassroots organization fully deserves a donation to further boost people like me and give us a chance to make a difference.

- Leticia