London Down Syndrome Association

I would like to nominate the London Down Syndrome Association (LDSA) as their services and programs have played an integral part in my daughter's life. Our family has utilized most of the programs offered, including Camp Talk About It speech camp, cooking classes and music therapy. I am confident that my daughter's speech is so good due to early intervention in the LDSA speech camp. The group speech camp facilitated conversational speech and offered her a tangible way to interact socially which was an area in which she struggles. Sessions are provided by licensed speech therapists at a very reduced cost to parents. The cost of a private speech pathologist can range from $120-$150 per hour, a rate many parents could not afford. The cooking classes provide her with an opportunity to build friendships while also teaching usable cooking skills she can utilize once living on her own (a goal of hers). The LDSA music therapy classes are what spurred my daughter's love of singing. She is also a cancer survivor (leukemia) and music therapy brought happiness to her days when it was very hard to come by. Post treatment, music therapy continues to be a source of joy to her and gives her an outlet by which to express her innermost feelings and fears. We have participated in almost every program offered by the LDSA and have had great success with them. The LDSA is a 100% volunteer driven association, has no paid staff and receives no government funding. Please consider supporting the LDSA and its many wonderful programs. Without them our daughter would not be where she is today.

- Sandy

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