London Down Syndrome Association

My son was born with Down Syndrome. As you can imagine, learning about his diagnosis and worrying about his future hit me pretty hard initially. With support from fellow London Down Syndrome Association (LDSA) parents, more specifically, their volunteer new parent contact, I was able to quickly adapt to a new frame of mind. Knowing that there was such a hugely supportive organization like the LDSA also helped. Jack was soon doing baby yoga and attending Wee Ones play dates - both of which happened with funding support from the LDSA. Later, he participated in Camp Talk About It and he loved the small group, speech development program that Rejuvenate hosted and was partly funded by the LDSA. Jack has made both social and academic gains by being part of the programs that LDSA financially supports and we are looking forward to him being old enough to attend the numerous programs that the LDSA supports for individuals with Down Syndrome all the way up to adulthood! If you asked Jack which program he most enjoyed, I think he would tell you that it's the annual Kids Christmas Party! This party is fully-funded by the LDSA and the treats, crafts, present from Santa and dance party always put the hugest smile on Jack's face! Because of the amazing parent and child support we have received over the years from the LDSA, I gladly nominate this organization for your amazing donation. I can only imagine the great things that could happen due to your generosity. Thank you!

- Christine

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