London Cross Culture Learner Centre

The London Cross Cultural Learner Centre (CCLC) seeks to provide assistance to newcomers from overseas. Their mission is to assist those who arrive in Canada for the first time, helping them transition and guarantee ease in their assimilation here. Overall, they hope to have people well-equipped in knowing the services available; whether it be education, medical, or transportation services, in starting a new life.

I have been fortunate to be someone who has received assistance from them, as it has been a tremendous help in making a transition and starting on my goals. When I first came to Canada, I was introduced to the CCLC in December of 2017. Initially, I was living at the Joseph House, which I did not know was managed by the CCLC. After learning so, I was able to receive a lot of help in making my transition with ease. They assisted me with settling here. I felt on track as they also helped me with how to pursue my schooling, understanding the transportation services, and how to make medical appointments if needed. Their services were conducted out of pure joy, and their desire to help people out of the kindness of their hearts. I could always count on this organization to assist me with any questions, while trying to enter a new chapter of my life. I was able to pass the knowledge and experiences I have gained from them, to my brother who also came to Canada seeking a better life. The knowledge from CCLC has been so sacred to my transition in London, Ontario, that I will continue to use it and recommend it to others who need advice in integrating here. Even after leaving the Joseph House, I am still able to seek help from them. My relationships with the staff have been kept intact, and I can always count on them for help.

It would be an honor for the CCLC to receive a donation, as it would provide opportunities for them to continue with their efforts in helping newcomers. They have provided a solid foundation in helping people, like myself, make a smooth transition, and have only given valuable knowledge that has helped others and me, in curating the ideal life here. With a donation, they will be able to expand their services and reach more people that are in need of help and advice. Thus, the services this organization provides will not only help at the local scale, but also nationally as a country, in that these newcomers will be knowledgeable and have added value to Canada.
My connection to the CCLC was made through a relative of mine. He told me that I would have access to excellent services and assistance from their organization. I can proudly say that this promise was fulfilled, in that I was able to gain knowledge from them. I am grateful for their assistance and hope they can continue to help others make for an easier transition to Canada.

- Lotfi

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