Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

My name is Azeb, and I arrived in Canada on July 2, 2011, as a refugee from Ethiopia. I am physically disabled. When I arrived in Ottawa, I claimed refugee status and was given room and board by the city at the YMCA, until they could find me an accessible apartment that I could move into. Meanwhile, I was learning to speak English at the Catholic Immigration Centre across the street from the YMCA, and that is how I met a volunteer who offered to teach me  English. He is also disabled and in a wheelchair, along with his wife. They introduced me to Spinal Cord Injury Ontario (SCI Ontario), and from that moment on, my life and situation got a lot better. 

SCI Ontario helped me to get a power wheelchair because until then, I only had a broken-down manual wheelchair that restricted my mobility and independence. Once I got my power wheelchair, I was able to go where I wanted without the fear of getting tired or hurt. 

SCI Ontario continued to assist me to find an appropriate apartment to live in, and there are very few accessible places to stay in Ottawa, but thanks to SCI Ontario and friends, after 1 year at the YMCA I was finally able to move into a beautiful one bedroom apartment, fully accessible. 

It will be 8 years already on July 2, 2019 since I am in Canada. SCI Ontario is a great organization that is totally attentive to the needs of a vulnerable group of people in our society. This is because of their commitment to accessibility, inclusion, and diversity. 

I believe SCI Ontario is well deserving of the Lerners LLP donation. 


- Azeb

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