London Down Syndrome Association

My 17 year-old daughter has Down Syndrome and Aspergers. She is mostly non-verbal so she has to be coaxed to communicate most of the time. During the summer break, we normally enroll her in various summer camps, which we assume she enjoys because she doesn't complain. When she doesn't like something she lets us know in no uncertain terms. Two years ago, we enrolled her in the LDSA summer camp, and we were astounded by her jubilant response. We had been having some difficulty getting her up in the morning, like most teenagers, but after her first day at LDSA Camp 21, she didn't even need a wake-up call. She was up and in the washroom, and ready to get going before we could brew a pot of coffee. When I picked her up at the end of the day she was sporting a permanent smile and breaking into fits of joyful laughter. To see our child expressing so much joy--it doesn't get any better. To LDSA: nobody does it better!

- Curtis

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