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I am feeling VERY thankful and blessed for NOT one but two Job Coaches!! 10 years ago I was hired at Ferguson Electric to clean the office. I was given a Job Coach, Shelia to help me if I needed it. At first I did but as the years went on she faded out and didn’t come at all. I was doing SO well at cleaning the office on my own. Well I had that job at Ferguson Electric for about 7 years when I went back to Community Living London to ask if I could get another part time job. (At Ferguson Electric I only work 1 day a week. Cleaning the office only takes 1 hour). They said “sure we will look for another job for you”! I got a call saying I had a job interview at Burger King to clean the restaurant. I did well at the interview and I was hired to work Wednesday and Friday from 12:00-3:00. This job required more so I got a different Job Coach, Sandy! I got along well with Sandy once I got to know her more! 7 years at Ferguson Electric turned into 10 years this month. A year at Burger King turned into 3 years this past April! I have been doing REALLY well at both jobs! Last year at Ferguson Electric a major change happened and I took it in stride. I just kept on trucking. At Burger King the managers were always changing but that too I took in stride, One Wednesday back in April Debra (the big boss of Burger King) was at my work. I took this opportunity to ask her if she was getting any complaints about how dirty the restaurant was on Saturdays. I had been in on different Saturdays and saw it needed someone to clean. People working behind the counter needed someone to clean. Debra said “yes she had been getting complaints.” So I sat down to talk to Stephanie and Debra! They both agreed that if I stayed my full 3 hours then yes I can work Saturdays! I was hired to work Saturdays! So now I work Wednesday, Friday and Saturdays from 12:00-3:00!!! My TWO Job Coaches are the best!!! They have helped me succeed in both jobs! If I was having a rough time they were both there for me to talk to or encourage me. Never once did they say “Linsay your depression is ruining your job. You better stop working.” Nope instead they said “Linsay take a deep breath and think of ALL the good things in your life. You will overcome your depression. Keep trucking Linsay”. So if you need a Job Coach or 2 call Community Living London and ask for Shelia and Sandy. They are 2 of a kind!! Thank you Shelia and Sandy for putting up with me for this long! I am looking forward to going even further with both jobs!!!

- Linsay

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