Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

In April 2003, my beautiful baby girl was born, nine weeks premature and with a heart condition. There was little hope for her to survive, so little hope that when they asked me my baby girl’s name, I said “Madison will do”. You see, I didn’t ever expect to write her name to register for school, to call her name to the dinner table or hear her name announced at graduation. Rather, in my mind I saw her name on a tombstone. What I didn’t know is the fight this determined little girl had in her, to fight through all her prematurity issues and fight to live through open heart surgery at 9 months old, but she did. In 2016 we became aware of Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario through her cardiac clinic. In Feb 2017, Madison’s wish to be a dolphin trainer came true in Atlantis Bahamas. The magic that Make-A-Wish creates for a child extends far greater than a day or week. It provides joy and hope for children living with critical illness. It inspires them to live their best life, to dream big and appreciate every day. I am so grateful for all Make-A-Wish has done for my family, so much so that I am now proudly a Wish Granter with the organization and am doing some of the most meaningful work I’ve ever done. There are many great charities of course, but none that I know of that have the forever impact that Make-A-Wish has on the most vulnerable children and youth!

- Julie

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