Community Living London

Community Living London (CLL) is an organization that supports people with developmental disabilities, to help them lead the fullest lives possible. Working for this agency, I can confirm that they do this, and they do this very well. But many people know this about CLL. Something that I would like to acknowledge about this agency, is that they have been there for me as well. I have worked for this agency for almost 8 years now, 2 of those years being a full time staff.

When I was working as a part time in this agency, my supervisors were always striving to assist me with obtaining hours and proper training at my location, but also wanted to accommodate my future goals and plans as well, even if that meant eventually getting another job somewhere else.

While working at an extensively aggressive accommodation with CLL, I did get injured (more than once), and CLL provided the most support I have ever seen. Not only were they wanting updates about my return to work, but they genuinely just wanted to know how I was doing. At one point I was injured at another job I was working at, and CLL's priority was to ensure I was fully supported, even though CLL had nothing to do with my injury at that time. This was my realization point that I did not want to look anywhere else for a job, I finally found what I would proudly consider my career. I did not put out resumes anywhere else but for CLL positions from that day forward.

Once realizing that my goals were to pursue full time with CLL rather than look somewhere else, I had the full support of supervisors (past and present), along with many full time staff I had come to know throughout the agency, to help me learn the "ins and outs" of the responsibilities held by staff. Over time, I found myself growing stronger as a staff, as a leader. I continue to see progress to this day. Every day, I will thank Community Living London for that.

- Jessica

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