Spinal Cord Injury Ontario

I am a social worker at the Rehabilitation Centre of the Ottawa Hospital. I work in the neurospinal cord injury program. This is where people who suffer a traumatic spinal injury as a result of a car accident, a fall, a surgery etc. come to rehabilitate. They come from all walks of life. These injuries change their lives forever. Many are diagnosed with paraplegia and quadriplegia.

Spinal Cord Injury Ontario is a community organization providing many services to patients and their families; education on how to live after a spinal cord injury, support groups led by peers, they provide information sessions in hospitals on different topics such as disability tax information, vehicle adaptation, sexuality after a traumatic injury etc. They organize a para sports exposition and an adapted vehicle exposition in the parking lot of the Rehabilitation Centre every year. Spinal Cord Injury Ontario also assist patients and their families to find accessible housing. They provide free equipment to patients in need and assist in every aspect of life after a traumatic incident. They answer to our referral promptly and they are very efficient. It is a well-managed organization.

As a social worker at the Rehabilitation Centre I inform patients of their services and refer to them regularly. Every time I am amazed at the excellent services they provide.

I do support their nomination for a donation. They are very deserving. They are helping a segment of our population that is often forgotten. I highly recommend their nomination. They are most deserving. Thank you.

- Dominique

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