Fertility Matters Canada

Infertility is unfortunately still a ‘taboo’ topic. But did you know:

  • Infertility affects 1 in 6 Canadian couples

  • 25% of pregnancies end in miscarriage

  • Women enduring ongoing infertility experience similar rates of depression and anxiety as people diagnosed with HIV, heart disease, and cancer

  • Infertility is a disease defined by WHO, but is often misunderstood, stigmatized, and minimized

Unlike some diseases, infertility is not fatal or disabling, but it immeasurably impacts quality of life.

Personally, I’ve spent 7 years trying to have a baby. Something that should be easy and natural has been incredibly difficult. We are lucky to be parents to a 6 year-old, but the journey to have another has been a rocky 5 years of unsuccessful and expensive fertility treatments. Incredibly isolating and all-consuming, infertility has affected every aspect of my life.

I am lucky to have found Fertility Matters Canada (FMC), the only national organization that empowers Canadians to reach their reproductive health goals. FMC, a not-for-profit organization, provides support, information, and education to who need it. As Canada’s fertility resource, FMC exists to meet the needs that go unaddressed in the course of medical treatment, raise awareness of infertility and the associated challenges and opportunities for prospective parents, and advocate for equal access to fertility treatments.

As one of 45 volunteers, I help FMC across a range of needs – from developing resources and educational content for those struggling, to helping to run the annual Canadian Infertility Awareness Week to raise awareness, destigmatize, and open the conversation about fertility.

FMC is funded by professional memberships, sponsorships, and individual donations and does not receive any government funding. Donations are used for day-to-day operational needs, assisting support groups across Canada, patient advocacy, and education. As a lesser known and misunderstood disease, it is often overlooked as a charitable cause. But with over half a million Canadians affected by infertility, I know first-hand what a worthy organization FMC is.

So do others. Here are words from those who have been helped by FMC:

“It doesn't matter where you're located in Canada, FMC is there - on the ground with peer-led support groups, or on your social media. You never have to feel alone. With a disease like infertility, people don't always speak up about their experiences, so having unlimited access to people who understand and have been there shifted this whole experience for me from one of unbearable pain to one of purpose and support." - Kaeleigh, Alberta

“Having a local support group from FMC made my wife and I feel like we weren't alone in our infertility journey, and gave us the valuable advice we needed as we travelled across the country for IVF. Without FMC we would have navigated our 6-year journey alone, and likely would not have the amazing daughter we have today.” – Jon, Manitoba

“This organization helped turn a very overwhelming, confusing journey into one of empowerment, growth and helped me take control of my own journey.” - Amanda, Ontario

- Vidya

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