Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

2 years ago my daughter was granted her wish to go to Disney World in Florida. Make-A-Wish made this happen. From planning the surprise party to announcing that her dream was coming true to having her favorite Disney princess Belle come to our home and a spa makeover, it was truly a magical experience that we will be forever grateful for. If it wasn’t for Make-A-Wish we wouldn’t have been able to experience an amazing week at giving kids the world, attend every amusement park and see my daughter be treated like a royal princess for a full week. Till this day she still talks about her trip and how one day she can’t wait to give back to Make-A-Wish and help other families like they did for ours. Make-A-Wish is truly amazing. To see every child’s wish come true and how happy they are even though they are going through so much there’s nothing else in the world that’s more amazing than that. They deserve this donation it helps families like ours give our children the wish of a lifetime.

- Jen

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