Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

My name is Sandra. I have been a Make-A-Wish wish granter and volunteer for just over 2 years. I’ve helped grant more than 6 wishes and have 2 more on the go. I am also involved with volunteering for the brain tumor walk-a-thon, the cancer walk-a-thon, Foam Fest and other initiatives. After raising more than $1500.00 for Rope for Hope, I will be repelling down 29 stories of the London City Centre in June.

In 2000 I lost my daughter so after that I devoted all my time and energy to my kids and work. As the kids got older I felt like I was meant to do something good for people. My kids have been volunteering for a nursing home for a number of years now and I thought volunteering is what I should be doing. My good friend got me into Make-A-Wish. It is such an amazing organization to be a part of. Last July my Mom passed away from cancer but before she passed she told me she was so proud of me for what I have been doing with Make-A-Wish and that will stay with me forever. Now my daughter has volunteered with me and so is my husband. I am very proud to be a part of something so amazing.

- Sandra

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