Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario

Make-A-Wish Southwestern Ontario deserves a donation based on the joy they give to families during the worst and most terrible times of people’s lives. May 10, 2013 was the absolutely most horrible day of my life. My eight year old, healthy vibrant beautiful boy woke up and experienced a seizure. Within a few hours we were given the most horrible news a parent/family could hear. Your child has a brain tumour. For months we were engrossed in testing, meeting with doctors and surgeons, surgery for tumour removal and then the long road to recovery. Our lives were miserable, we tried to be happy but nothing was as it was before. We didn’t laugh or smile, we didn’t have fun. It wasn’t until a member of my son’s medical team told me he would qualify for Make-A-Wish. I was surprised because I thought that was only for terminally ill patients. It turns out it isn’t and my son was granted his wish to go to California Disneyland. Working together with Make-A-Wish, my son’s wish was granted. He fought Darth Vader and Darth Maul while at Disneyland, a true wish for him. As a family we were immersed in the magic of Disney and for the first time in a long time WE LAUGHED, WE SMILED and we felt like we used to - a very happy family. We forgot about my son’s condition, we weren’t going back and forth to the hospital. Make-A-Wish brought our joy back. Make-A-Wish is a very important and much needed establishment. There are families today who are experiencing their most horrible day, please help Make-A-Wish return the joy to these families and the many more who have lost their joy and happiness. We love you MAKE-A-WISH 💙

- Jennifer

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