Meals on Wheels London

Meals on Wheels London has impacted my life as it has many in the London community. I started working for Meals on Wheels London in May of 2018 and it has been such a journey. I have been so honoured to witness and hear how this community oriented service has touched the lives of so many people.

Sure, everyone knows meals on wheels. This idea has been around for many years but I think only some know the real reach and the real impact of what this service can do. In London, since 1969 when it was started by Dr. Earl Russell Meals on Wheels London has been providing meals, later in its growth transportation rides, to members of our community who are 55+ or 18+ with a disability. MOWL offers these services at rates geared to income to provide food security and much needed nutrition to those hidden or suffering from social isolation.

Meals is the goal but really what MOWL offers is so much more. What keeps volunteers coming back and what clients and families seek out is giving a personal touch to this meal and transportation service. It is the the visit, while sometimes short, that really is at the core and the heart of MOWL. The volunteer is often the only person that many of our clients see and lets them know that their community cares. It lets families know that someone is checking in on their loved ones when they may be unable. Over 1000 times a year MOWL follows up on an unanswered door. A majority just being a small issue but in cases where it is not we ensure that dignity is provided to the person on the other side.

I hope Lerners LLP will consider providing a donation to this valuable community service. I may be biased as I work for this organization but I am sure I speak and advocate for the 400+ volunteers and thousands of clients who rely on MOWL in our community.

- Chad

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