In 2013 I was diagnosed with a rare terminal form of ovarian cancer. I was given a year to live. I started treatment and was fighting for my life. I had a young daughter and I couldn't miss her grow up. That's when I found Wellspring. Wellspring is a cancer support center in London Ontario. It offers many different healing programs to cancer patients, their families, caregivers and survivors at no cost to them. It has been proven that exercise, diet and emotional well-being all play a major role in one's recovery from cancer. The programs offered give members the control back over their lives that cancer is trying to take away, a better overall quality of life during and after treatment and Wellspring truly operates under the motto that no one should have to face cancer alone. Wellspring receives no government or United Way funding and relies solely on grants and donations such as this to be able to offer such life-saving programs to so many. Please consider Wellspring for this funding. I am honored to say that a cancer support center like this exist in my community and it is my personal goal to see that the doors remain open to continue offering hope to all those battling cancer. I know firsthand I would not be here today, I would not have walked my daughter to her first day of school and I would not be healthier than ever, if it was not for Wellspring. Thank you from all of the members, volunteers and our families for considering this amazing organization.

- Melissa

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