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Kids Kicking Cancer (KKC) is a global organization dedicated to lowering the pain of children through the teaching of martial arts as a therapy. KKC is proud to offer the program in London, Ontario to in-patients at London's Children's Hospital and through classes held in the community. Children learn breath work, meditation and traditional karate movements that empower them to teach others and thus gain purpose within their lives. Children learn to “breathe in the light and blow out the darkness”. This has extended into the creation of a Heroes Circle program dedicated to lowering the pain of all children regardless of disease.

Our daughter, Sara has participated in Heroes Circle since August 2015. She was diagnosed with a brain tumour when she was 3 years old and underwent surgery, radiation and high dose chemotherapy. We are so thankful she survived. She is now 14 years old and lives with the late effects of the treatment.

She has regular medical appointments and blood work. She requires daily injections at home too. Over the years, she became more anxious with needles. People wondered why needles were a big deal, given all she had gone through, but the reality was a lot of fears, tears and hurt.

This all changed when she joined Heroes Circle. She learned how to feel in control of her pain and anxiety and breathe through blood work and daily injections. She loves the volunteer Senseis (teachers). She enjoys the non-competitive physical activity and learning Kata.

She wrote this poem:


Kicks, Punches, Blocks

I feel so strong

Nothing can go wrong…Ki-ya!

I punch the air

I kick the pads

I block the blockers

I teach the world to conquer disease with light

I lay down on my mat, I close my eyes

I release any pain in my body

When I wake up all the pain is gone

I cup my hands, I breathe in

Then when there’s no air left, I breathe in again

The same thing when I breathe out

We bow in and we bow out

We say power, peace, purpose

Katas are when you put all the moves in a dance

Belts, white, yellow, orange, green, red, blue, purple, brown, black

I love Karate. I love the Senseis

I am a powerful martial artist

by Sara S, 2017

Heroes Circle is special because it welcomes any child in pain – physical, spiritual or psychological – and their siblings. It is special because of their volunteers.

As a parent, I see the how the program has supported Sara to take control in the face of so much that she is seemingly not in control of. The program has brought me and my family a welcome sense of peace.

The program is offered to all children free of charge including uniforms and equipment. All funds received through this giveaway would be used to help offset those costs to ensure the program can be offered to all children who need it.

- Gill

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