Indwell is a charitable organization that is relatively new to London. In the 1970's Siny and John Prinzen of Hamilton, saw a need to support vulnerable adults dealing with mental health issues and Indwell was formed. Indwell now provides more than 500 people with supportive housing in Hamilton, Woodstock and Simcoe. Indwell has expanded to London due to the urgent need to create affordable, supportive housing to address chronic homelessness, especially for people with mental health challenges.

Currently upon discharge, if a psychiatric patient has no family supports, they are sent to a shelter, as there's a year’s waiting list for subsidized housing. Shelters are the worst place to be for anyone suffering from mental illness. Many discharged patients have paranoid thoughts and are anxious and the shelter environment just escalates their symptoms. As a result, they leave the shelter as they feel safer sleeping under a bridge or ATM, etc. These people need a supportive environment to help them develop a sense of belonging and feel part of the community.

Indwell is opening their first building, Woodfield Gate, at 356 Dundas this month. There are 67 one bedroom units and each unit is completely furnished, including the dishes! There will be support staff available in the secure building. There is a community kitchen and dining/living room which will provide for a healthy dinner, life skills and social skills. Thirty patients from Parkwood will be moving into their own apartment at this location later this month! I can see the joy on their faces already! Some have been waiting nearly a year to be able to be discharged to supportive housing. This move will free up 30 psychiatric beds which are always in high demand, thereby relieving some of the hallway healthcare for psychiatric patients.

Indwell's next project is to construct a new building on the former site of the Embassy Hotel. This building will have 75 one bedroom fully furnished, supportive, affordable apartments. Indwell needs to raise $2 million dollars from the community in order to unlock further government funding. This project is near and dear to my heart, as my son died in June after suffering from untreated mental illness for several years due to the shortage of mental health beds and community supports. I'm hoping to raise enough donations for Indwell, to pay for the community kitchen at this new project. If I am successful, a plaque will be placed outside of the kitchen in my son's memory.

Please help give hope and homes to those who have so bravely fought their way back from mental illness and smooth their transition to wellness by supporting Indwell.

- Linda

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